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Making a difference….

November 11th, 2013 | Posted by admin in fabric designer | quilt samples | rabbits | stitchery

We’ve added a special touch for  boys only  to this little baby  quilt.

IMG_0663truck blog tour

truck 3 - blog for boys

and this  was what we did for that special little girl……so it was only fair that

the little boys had their own special quilt.

IMG_0545 - rabbit quilt blog

I’ve just raw edged the rabbits to this quilt using a smaller stitch so that it

safely goes through all the washings  it requires in it’s busy life.

It’s making me think that I have to make two new dog quilts for the two new

additions to our family, two of my grandchildren have  just adopted a dog each  so

the stitching is going to have to be strong, I’ve seen them in action.

                                 back soon Arlene

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